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It’s Just My Opinion

h1 June 20th, 2007

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Monday night I went to the premiere of “A Mighty Heart” with AH. I think he was the wrong person to take. Let’s face it, he’s a Middle Eastern Arab Muslim. No matter how hot ‘n sexy he is, or kind and helpful he has been to me over the years, added to the fact that he has lived most of his life here in Canada, does not change that… his attitudes are quite different from mine. So when I come out of a movie like that, I’m horrified by what happened to Danny Pearl. When AH comes out of a movie like that, he says “what goes around, comes around.” WTF???

It’s common knowledge that many Muslims (and probably others) believe that “The Jews are responsible for 9/11″. There is this (bullshit rumour, IMO) that “4,000 Jews didn’t show up for work at the World Trade Centre that day because they were warned in advance…” Oh, PLEASE. There were 400-500 Jews killed at the WTC that day, (although the list of those killed does not include their religion, it’s pretty obvious when you see names like Steinman, Berger, Rosenberg, Bernstein, Horwitz, Weinstein, etc.) And are you going to tell me that not ONE of those 4,000 supposedly warned wouldn’t then call their buddies from work, or police, or SOMEONE to advise them of what they’ve been told? Not one in 4,000 is a decent person? Gimme a break.

AH falls into the category of those that believe “the Jews are responsible for 9/11″. That’s like me saying “The Muslims are responsible”. And I would never say that, because I know not all Muslims are bad people. I could say “Al-Qaeda is responsible” just like AH could say “The Israeli government is responsible” if that’s what he wants to believe. Don’t say “Jews” are. Daniel Pearl had NOTHING to do with it, or anything else Israel may be blamed for. He was Jewish by being born into a Jewish family. He was an American. He did not practice his faith religiously, if he did he would have married a nice Jewish girl, not a Cuban. He was a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, looking for answers and truth. He offered his articles to be read by anyone he was going to interview, so they could see what he was writing about, and what his angle was. Daniel Pearl was in love with his wife who was 5-1/2 months pregnant at the time of his death, and he did NOT deserve to die!!!

My biggest problem with arguing about these things with AH, is that I am quite ignorant in the world of politics and the happenings over in the Middle East. AH is not; he grew up in Lebanon surrounded by wars and has lived and breathed it. He has his reasons for hating Israel and I won’t deny that anyone from Lebanon would, knowing a little of that history. He has an intellectual sounding comeback for every argument I put out there because he is far more knowledgeable about world politics and media than I am. For example, when I said “Osama Bin Laden came right out and admitted he is responsible for 9/11!” AH came back with “the media were delivered a tape from Al-Jazeera and they didn’t air it for over a week… because they wanted to edit it to their liking. Don’t you think if it was the real thing, they would have aired it within minutes of receiving it?” And to that I have no answer, because I have no clue whether or not what AH says is true. Because I don’t keep on top of this stuff like he does. Alls I know is, the media has been so ACCURATE and open-minded in its reporting, and George Bush has been so honest about the Whats and Whys.

(That was sarcasm, BTW).

When AH said “well, he wouldn’t have died if he didn’t deserve it. He did something. Good people don’t just get killed for no reason…” I responded with “tell me, again, how your brother died?” (He was killed by two men in Lebanon many years ago). He didn’t say anything after that, point taken.

In closing, I don’t believe “Jews are responsible” and I think generalizing “Jews” into a category like that in the first place is bullshit. Are all “Germans” responsible for what Hitler did? Please. (In all fairness, however, as a friend of mine studying the Middle East at this very moment just pointed out to me, “many people from the Middle East are not necessarily disagreeing or attacking the specific issue - but are putting it in a much wider historical context which does not generally translate well to North American ears…” and that he may not have meant exactly what he said). But still. I don’t like some of the stuff he said, and he clarified it enough that I know he meant what he said.


I rolled all my coins this past weekend. $350!! Not too bad, considering I only started saving the loonies and toonies last September (and have grabbed the odd one out of the vase here and there). It is going right on my credit card to start paying down my trip, and thus another item is crossed off my 101 list. While rolling the coins, I happened across a 1945 dime that is worth about $10.00 and a penny worth about $4.00. Woo hoo!

I’ve been doing some reading lately of websites that have to do with fat acceptance. It is really quite interesting. I’d like to think it’s a bit of a “movement” happening… not a Pro “Eating-whatever-the-hell-you-want-until-you-can’t-get-out-of-your-own-bed” fat acceptance movement, but to accept the fact that some people eat healthy and exercise and will never be thin. That trying to be model-thin is unrealistic for many people no matter how hard they try, and try they do, with diets and creating eating disorders and driving themselves crazy stepping on that damn scale 100 times/day and hating themselves for not looking like Kate Moss. Sites like Big Fat Deal, that I have been reading for awhile now, which led me to the now famous Fat Rant by Joy Nash, and the WONDERFUL, awesome and brilliant Kate Harding. And let’s hear a rousing roar of applause for Mika’s latest single:

That line “no need to fantasize since I was in my braces”? This guy makes that pretty clear. Excellent read, and I thank you, dear Brian, and all the above links, for helping me get closer to the acceptance of myself, and no more diets for me. I know I need to work on the eating healthier overall and regular exercise to just see where my body ends up, but it’s nice to know I’m “allowed” to feel sexy at any size.

Okay, I linked to so much stuff you’ll be reading all night now, so I shall sign off.

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    I really hear ya with the whole muslim thing…it bothers me to NO end that AH who seems like a nice guy is still tainted with the beliefs that are driven by such violence. It really bothers me that he had no sympathy for Daniel Pearl who was innocent…the thing that really causes trouble is that this religion teachers their people to believe that anything you do which results in death, brings you closer to Allah-so kill your neighbor, kill anyone on the street, so long as it supports what YOU think is a worthy cause, Allah will be there to open the floodgates.

    That is total crap honestly-sometimes I wish I was on the other side to see what happens once that person dies and tries to cross over. If it is said in the commandments, thou shalt not kill-then what makes anyone think they can be all happy happy on the other side with the good people???

    Either way-how was Angelina Jolie in the part? I read a lot about it and it sounds like she did a great job.

    About the fat thing-I read the other day that a doctor went out in public saying that Jordin Sparks of AI is overweight and needs to lose pounds immediately because her “fat” ness will give her diabetes. How rude is that? The girl is 6 feet tall and a plus size woman…there is no way she can turn in to a stick nor should she…it seems like nobody is good enough unless they are anorexic like Nicole Richie!!!

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    Hey Lisa, actually Islam does NOT teach that killing is okay if it supports what you believe is a worthy cause… not at all. I don’t want to get into it here, but that’s just not true. The fact that some Muslims have twisted Islam to reflect that is a real shame.

    Angelina Jolie was excellent in the part. Just excellent.

    I linked to that video about Jordin in an earlier entry. that’s one of the points of Fat Acceptance… that being overweight does not automatically mean you are unhealthy. Jordin is BEAUTIFUL! She’s only 17 years old, I hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin her and turn her into a bulimic…

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    I was just about to say the same thing Donna re: Islam.

    Lisa, Islam is actually a very peaceful religion so I’ve been told but there are people that take the Qur’an to mean different things, they interpret it differently than others. Anyway I won’t go further into it either because it actually took me a long time to learn all the ins and outs of the religion and I still don’t know it all. It can be really hard to understand when someone has an opinion that is so vastly different than what we believe and what seems right to us, but, people grow up in different parts of the world and have very different lives and I can never begin to understand (though I try) what it was like to grow up in a country where from the time you’re born all you know is the war that is happening around you. It’s not just your country is AT war, but the war is LITERALLY all around you, unlike here where our country is at war but it doesn’t affect our day to day lives. It definitely would affect your perception of things.

    Anyway Donna, it’s very interesting because I have heard almost the EXACT same argument/points/opinion as you did, almost verbatim and I believe my responses were probably pretty similar to yours based on what I read of them. Interesting.

    I’ll have to go check all your links on Fat Acceptance over the weekend when I have more time.

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    I hear ya gals about the Islam thing-I didn’t mean that ALL Islams support that sort of thing…same with all Muslims (is Islams a word? lol) I just get tired of the fanatics who are plain old NUTS and then brainwash even the most innocent of people. My mom had a friend who was Lebanese-she didn’t wear a headscarf or anything but then all of a sudden she decided that she needed to and was preaching all of her beliefs about how women should cover up their hair…yadda yadda…it was nice of her to have a revelation but she completely lost her identity once she put her headscarf on.

    I guess it just depends what each person feels…to each unto their own I guess. I mean, I doubt those Italian mob guys have a clear conscience when they kill hundreds, yet most of them are pretty die hard Catholics and we all know that Catholicism does not support killings…but they still do it. Religion is definitely very sticky that way.

    As for Jordin-I really hope she doesn’t do the Hollywood thing either…Carrie Underwood was perfectly fine on Idol, not even pudgy at all but then she got VERY skinny….all of them end up that way and you can bet it has something to do with the people around them.

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    Islam is the religion, Muslims are the people who practice it! lol (Sorry, it sounds funny to me now, but I used to think that way too… I thought the religion was called Muslim and I didn’t know what Islam was, I probably thought it was a country or something. How can you tell me and Shawna have good friends who are Muslim now? lol) Yeah, the scarf is another thing… totally personal choice. That is in black & white, right in the Qur’an… women are to dress modestly and “cover their ornaments” (lol) but the hajib/headscarf is personal choice. When you see women in countries that HAVE to be fully covered in a Burka, that is not Islam’s teachings… that is their country and the laws of their government or whatever.

    That reminds me of an interview I saw of Angelina Jolie on Jon Stewart… she was saying she dressed that way once and he asked “can a burka contain your hotness?” lol

    Islam and the middle east is such a convoluted subject, I think you could study it for years and still not understand it all.

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    Well, I finally got to see this movie tonight. I thought it was very good (despite such a tragic subject) and Angelina was great in the role. If it wasn’t for those occasional closeups of THE LIPS I would have totally forgotten she was playing the part. I think she got right into the “character” of Mariane Pearl. Of course, they are friends in real life, so that could have made it easier to take on the role - or maybe harder!

    To me, the movie wasn’t really about religion or politics. It was the story of two people. What happened to them was a result of certain world events, but it wasn’t a movie ABOUT any of that, per se.

    I was going to say that Pakistan isn’t really “middle east” though, but I see that some sources do classify it as such.

    I wonder how close the movie is to reality? At the beginning they mentioned how the Pearls were supposed to leave the next day for Dubai and it seemed like Daniel felt something wasn’t quite “right” about his upcoming meeting. Too bad he didn’t heed that gut feeling. Even though I knew how things turned out, I kept thinking, “Come on, leave early. Don’t go to the meeting!!”

    Oh, and for those who don’t know, Mariane Pearl writes a monthly feature for Glamour magazine.

    Okay, wayyyyy too long for a blog comment here! We can talk more about it tomorrow while we’re waiting for the others to show up. ;-)

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